Child Presence Detection Device(CPDT-9001)

Child Presence Detection Device(CPDT-9001)

・Car exterior warning by sensing

Radars installed in the car detect the child being left behind andactivate the car exterior warning (horn, hazard flashers).

・System to prompt driver to check

After the engine stops, the in-car buzzer sounds, prompting the driver to check the cabin.
When the driver checks that there are no children in the cabin and presses the "check completion switch", the buzzer stops.

・Help me switch

A child left in the car pushes the "help me switch" and activates the car exterior warning (horn, hazard flashers).


The presece,size and distance of objects can be measured.
Even slight movements can be detected.

Please make sure to check if there are any children left behind when you get off.
The manager of the shuttle bus is responsible for ensuring the safety of children or occupants.
This product is intended to support prevent children from being left behind, and does not guarantee that children will not be left behind.
If there is a shield between the sensor and the child, the child may not be detected.
The area of the driver's seat and the side of the driver's seat is not detected by the sensor.
Please make sure to seat children in the sensor detect target area.

Child Presence Detection Device Three features

In-Cabin monitoring using radar sensors

・Radar characteristics enable child presence detection even in darkness or in a condition visibility is prevented like child is crouching.

・High-performance sensors enable child presence detection even by the slight movement of a child's chest during breathing.

Radar can detect children in blind spots through shieldings.
*Some shieldings such as metal plates cannot be penetrated.

System to prompt driver to check the cabin

・This system prompts driver to check the cabin after engine stop

Car exterior warning system by "help me switch"

・A child presses the switch to activate the car exterior warning and notify the surroundings.

(*) With wrong act prevention function which does not operate when the car is running.

Applicable vehicle type DC12V power supply Toyota ・Hiace Commuter
(Super Long Wide Body High Roof Vehicle only)
・Coaster standard body
 *Not applicable for long body
Nissan ・Caravan Wide Width High Roof
 *Standard Width, Standard Roof Not Applicable

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