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AISIN has the No. 1 rate in the development of engine and powertrain components for Original Equipment Manufacturers throughout the world, with Toyota heading the list. AISIN Aftermarket incorporates the knowledge and technology that is equal to that of the genuine product supplied to the OEM.

Product Lines

  • Fan Blade

    Fan Blade

    Engineered to exacting OE specifications, our fan blade makes cars lighter in weight and higher in performance through diversity of products for drive systems, engines, and vehicle bodies.

  • Fan Clutch

    Fan Clutch

    The Fan Clutch is a vital cooling mechanism that provides fan speed control in proportion to engine RPM.
    Optimal cooling performance is achieved through accurate air temperature monitoring without creating excess engine load.

  • Hydraulic Belt Tensioner

    Hydraulic Belt Tensioner

    Developed by the AISIN OE Engineering division, AISIN Hydraulic Tensioners utilizes a unique hydraulic pressurizing mechanism that efficiently dampens timing belt vibrations while maintaining optimal belt tension throughout the RPM range.

  • Timing Chain Cover

    Timing Chain Cover

    Current trends for larger displacement engines employ the Module-Oriented design. The integration of timing chain cover, oil pump, and water pump as a single assembly allows for an easy, one step replacement.

  • Fan Pulley Bracket

     Fan Pulley Bracket

    Certain vehicle applications utilize a fan bracket assembly to mount the fan clutch assembly onto the engine. The fan bracket should be replaced when necessary as the built-in bearing classifies the component as a wear item.

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