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AISIN has the No. 1 rate in the development of engine and powertrain components for Original Equipment Manufacturers throughout the world, with Toyota heading the list. AISIN Aftermarket incorporates the knowledge and technology that is equal to that of the genuine product supplied to the OEM.

Product Lines

  • Free Wheel Hub

    Free Wheel Hub

    The Free Wheel Hub is an essential drivetrain component that transfers and disconnects power to part time 4 Wheel Drive applications. The robust locking mechanism, compact size, and durable design, AISIN Free Wheel Hubs withstand the same rugged terrain tests performed by the OE industry.

  • Flywheel Damper

    Flywheel Damper

    It is designed to reduce torsional vibration created by diesel or high performance engine. Sometimes it is called Dual Mass Flywheel.

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